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dot making a batch of pretzels in the kitchen

An unexpected start

Dot’s Pretzels are a special family snack created many years ago by Dot in her home kitchen.

We’re a family-owned business, as well as a proud member of the Pride of Dakota Brand. With bakeries located in North Dakota, Arizona and Kansas, we strive to grow our pretzel brand far enough so anyone who would like to enjoy them, can!


north dakota icon

North Dakota — Our Home

In North Dakota, we work hard and we love our friends and neighbors. Together, we make it through the long cold winters. We pride ourselves on hospitality and we place this same hospitality and care into each bag of Dot’s Pretzels.

quality assurance icon

Quality is Our Secret Ingredient

Here at Dot’s Pretzels, we hold ourselves to the highest of quality standards. We are proud to do so. Each bag of Dot’s Pretzels tastes as if they were made straight from the home kitchen of Dot herself. That said, we're never fully satisfied and always strive to make every customer smile.

relationship icon

Relationships Are Everything to Us

At Dot’s Pretzels, our foundation is built on relationships. We are family. We believe in our employees and lead by example. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and we deliver on our promises. And seeing our distributors and retailers as part of the family is the reason we thrive today and will continue to thrive. 

How do we do it?

We hear it every day. Our pretzels are the pinnacle of homestyle taste from a wonderfully committed team. It's a little bit of hard work and a lot of magic.

dots original seasoned pretzel twists out of pack

Top of the line pretzels make their way to one of our top of the line facilities.

dots top secret ingredients

Our pretzels receive a special coating of…. (Hey! It’s a secret!)

bag of dots original seasoned pretzel twists

Before you know it, you’re reaching for the next bag.


There are a million ways to say it, but only one that matters most- dot’s rocks.
brittles + toffees with dot's pretzels are a sweet and savory treat

Brittles + Toffees

Sweet & savory are in perfect harmony when you use Dot’s Pretzels in your desserts.

mix up your snacks with dot's pretzels

Mix Up Your Snack Mix

Dot’s Pretzels bring this “underdog of the snack world” straight to the top of everyone’s wish list.

excitement in every bag of dot's pretzels

Go Solo

Eat them on the go, at the office, or at movie night. Be the best party guest ever. Share them, or don’t. We won’t judge!