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Number of Dot's Pretzels Eaten Each Year

Possible Snack Recipes and Combinations

Dot holding tray of freshly made pretzels

Where it all started.

So much more than a basic pretzel.

Little known fact about Dot's Pretzels—Dot is an actual person. And all of this deliciousness started in Dot's kitchen. 

bag of dots originally seasoned pretzel twists

Get ready for the snack adventure of your life.

Dot's Pretzels is shaking up the pretzel party snacks game.

person holding a tray of brownies topped with pretzels

The perfect secret ingredient.

Pie and brownie lovers won't know what hit 'em.

Resellers Unite!

We want to share our love of Dot’s Pretzels with the world. Help us achieve total world domination and apply to be a reseller today.

Become a Dot’s Pretzels Retailer to…

  1. Become a top-notch snack destination
  2. Profit from our unique homestyle recipe
  3. Feel endless adoration from your customers
woman scanning items at a cashier station