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"Love love love." -- Deb M. in Donnybrook ND

"No other pretzels come close." -- Brock H. in Avondale AZ

"They are absolutely the best snack EVER!!!" -- Kim S. in Peoria AZ

"They are awesome-can't eat just one!" -- Karlyn F. in Velva ND

"They had samples out, and I couldn't resist buying them!" -- Teresa P. in Garrison ND

"I tried your pretzels for the first time today and WOW!

I don't usually like pretzels but yours are amazing!" -- Shannon K. in Sawyer ND

"They are delicious" -- Lindsay S. in Fargo ND

"These pretzels are incredible! It really IS impossible to eat just one.

These are unlike anything you can buy anywhere else. Just awesome." -- Marty  in Huron SD

"What a great way to work up a thirst" -- Carole H. in Minot ND

"I wasn't a pretzel person.  I am now as long as it's Dot's Pretzels. I am addicted.

"They are amazing!" -- Jeffrey M. in Fargo ND

"I share these with my buddies and every one of them agrees they are delicious... your

pretzels are a hit here in Afghanistan" -- Stuart H. in Afghanistan

"Tried them at the Pride of Dakota show in Fargo and now my family is hooked.

 They are delicious! -- Melinda in Fargo ND

" I have never been a pretzel person but I am now a convert and love these." -- Kevin & Paula in Everett WA

 " I have never had better pretzels in my life! I am addicted to them." -- Kayla B in Bismarck ND

"We received a Gift Basket with these pretzels inside and they were WONDERFUL!! I immediately ordered 15 bags for Christmas gifts."  -- Yolanda R in Texas

"Got your pretzels as a gift from my brother in Velva. They are fantastic! Now your fame has spread to RI!!"

 -- John C in Rhode Island

"Was sent a bag of your pretzels. YUMMY!!! I am online ordering 2 more bags at the moment.The best!"

 -- Rick S in Austin TX

" I just want to say how much we enjoy them, and we don't even like pretzels." -- Bonnie K in Fargo ND 

"These pretzels are fantastic....can't just stop at one. Need more and more!" -- Bev in Lemmon SD

 "I tried your pretzels on a whim and I absolutely love them!" -- Jeremy in Fargo ND

 "These are the best pretzels I have ever had!" -- Eric O in San Rafael CA

"  It is one of the best snacks I have ever tried. These aren't anything like any other pretzel I have ever tried."

-- Janel W in Minot ND

"The pretzels are great!........HAD to order some." -- Elaine M in Spokane WA

"Best pretzels I have ever had!" -- Sabrina B in Oregon

" These pretzels are the best I've ever had. Everyone that tries them agrees. They need to come in much bigger party pack because once you start eating you can't stop!" -- Jackie D in Park River ND

"There is no way you can eat just one!" -- Jim S in MN

"Your pretzels really are delicious. Thank you for your product. Keep on making these things!" -- Shawn S in Newtown ND

"We received your pretzels as a thank you gift and fell in love with them. They are awesome!" -- Sue & David H in Rush City MN

"Went to Ashley ND over the 4th of July holiday.  Had some of the Dot's Pretzels - I am HOOKED!!!" -- Kim F in AZ

"Best pretzels ever!!!!!! Stopped at a gas station for a snack, saw these and had to order more before we got home!!! " -- Beverly in Omaha NE

"We were visiting family on the farm outside of Turtle Lake, ND when we first had these. Went into town the next day and bought 2 bags to take home. Sure glad that I will be able to order online, they are awesome." --

Jan R in Twin Cities MN

"Best pretzels I've ever eaten!! My family brought some back from Ashley ND." -- Brandon B in AZ

 "I thought they were the greatest pretzels I had tasted! Best snack I could find. Everytime I go to Wahpeton, I have to grab a bag before I leave." -- Kevin Z in Alexandria MN

"Love your Pretzels!  They are a hit with all of our friends back home in Thompson Manitoba." -- Murray T in Thompson, Manitoba

"Love these pretzels. Got some while in Medora, ND. Was on my way to visit friends in MT and WA and they loved them too. Will place an order when I get home." -- Dorothy in Mesa AZ

"These are the best pretzels I have ever had. Never stop making them!" -- Josh O in Spokane WA

"I wanted to thank you for offering your pretzels online. I am addicted!  They are by far the BEST pretzels I have ever eaten." -- JoHanna H in Bridger MT

"These are the best and most incredible pretzels I have ever eaten in my life!" -- Debbie C in Dallas TX

"I work for a radio station in New Jersey and one of our clients sent the business manager a bag of your pretzels! She shared (THANK GOD)! They were delicious!" -- Kristen M in New Jersey

"Loved your pretzels. We were introduced to them at the Trapper's Kettle; Belfield, No. Dak. Excellent product!" -- Dennis & Vi Z in AZ 

"They're addictive! We cannot get enough of these pretzels"-- Katherine A in CA

"Love these. I got them from Carrs Supermarket at the Otter Tail Minnesota tesoro station. I'm tellin Facebook!" -- Journey J in MN

"I am from ND and have tried your pretzels and they are awesome. You have the recipe down to a T." -- Doug P in Alaska

"After returning from vacation in ND, I took a bag of Dot's to work. They disappeared in two days. On the Web site to order more now." -- Ed K in Royersford PA

"I purchased the pretzels from Tracy's Market in Maddock when I was visiting my daughter. One week and 3 1-lb bags of pretzels later, I head home, back to Colorado, with 2 additional bags. Dot's Homestyle Pretzels are the Cat's Meow! Thank you" -- Dorma E in Loveland CO


"These things are to die for. DAKOTA PRIDE!" -- Jackie T in Jamestown ND

"Seriously delicious!" -- Leah in MT

"Taste great with a beer-never had pretzels this good." --  Steve T in Crofton NE

"Best pretzels EVER!" -- Corinne R in Phoenix AZ

 "I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I bought a bag from a co-worker but forgot to look at the label. Those pretzels were my “go to” snack. I shared them with my cousin and she’s been craving them ever since. FANTASTIC TASTE and TEXTURE! Yum!"  -- Davina W in Oakland CA

" OMG! I just opened a bag we received as part of a Christmas gift. All I can say is " I want more" " -- Mark M in Denver CO

"WOW. Tried these while I was home for Christmas. My mom bought 2 bags of them from the Pride of Dakota food show. Needless to say she had zeros sticks left when I left home! Love that I can find them in Fargo. I bought another bag and brought them to work and now have 5 people swarming my desk to fill their bowls! Thanks for AMAZING pretzels."  -- Travis W in Fargo ND

"My niece from Minot ND sent your pretzels to my family for Christmas. I have to say they are the best I have eaten. I live in Seattle WA and have to say I have never found anything like that here." -- Karen F in Seattle WA

"I tried these while out working around Dickinson, North Dakota and loved them so much. I was very upset when my company moved me to Ohio that I would never eat them again.  While back home in Texas I found the website and became very excited and ordered 2 party sized bags right away.  I will definitely be buying them ALOT :)" -- Christopher M in OH

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pretzels. We tried them at Pride of Dakota in Bismarck and were immediately hooked." -- Tonya J in Bismarck ND

"My buddy brought a bag of these awesome pretzels with him when he came to visit and I have been hooked ever since. The best pretzels I have ever had and are absolutely great with an ice cold beer!! My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Keep up the good work!" -- Nicolas B in Carlyle MT

 "Wow! People called to come over for a quick glass of wine- we rushed to the grocery store for snacks- We grabbed a bag of these pretzels!! They are amazing!! Bravo!" -- Monica M in Edina MN

" I am a pretzel lover, but OMG the pretzels from Dot's is just amazing. I live in southern Missouri and my sister lives in ND she gave me a 2lb bag and sadly I ate it in 2 days!!!! Yes 2 days, there is no other pretzel out there as addicting as Dot's Homestyle Pretzels." -- Dorene W in MO

"Someone's In The Kitchen in Rapid had these out to sample, so I tried some. Fantastic flavor and aftertaste. Bought two bags, and will soon look for more." -- Chris L in SD

"Love your pretzels. Had a sample at the Frontier Village in Jamestown, North Dakota and purchased a bag and now I am hooked and will be placing an order"--Nancy in Richland WA

"Got my pretzels today.They are very good. A friend had written on facebook that they were the best pretzels ever.I am from ND so I had to try them.Thanks for making great pretzels."--Terry Z in Omaha NE

"Was given your pretzel sticks while visiting family in northern Minnesota. So good, we ate them all. Will have to buy some to take back to Texas!!" --  Charles F in TX

"BEST pretzels ever!...and I'm not even a huge pretzel fan. My family brought me some from SD and I just put an order in for 3 people here in Kemmerer, WY! They really do ask "Where can we get some?!" -- Courtney M in Kemmerer WY

"I am not a pretzel lover but let me tell you I am a lover of Dot's pretzels!!! I have shared them with many of my friends and EVERYBODY who shoves one into their mouth remarks how tasty they are. I could sell dozens of bags here in Troy NY! You got one helluva good pretzel going on there Dot! Thank you! -- Lori M in Troy NY

 "I don't typically snack or eat pretzels in particular, but these are so fantastic I'm about to order a bulk order to share with family. They are WONDERFUL and you don't need a dip or anything to dress them up. Love the local, Midwestern products!" -- Erin L in St. Cloud MN

" Ok, so I called my son in Montana and told him I thought he was crazy for paying $10.51 in postage to send me a 2lb bag of your pretzels. So after trying them I called him back and told him I found you on the internet and ordered three 2lb bags to be shipped to me in California. YES FOLKS, THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!! I can't wait until they get here. Saving you in my Favorites for quick recall for when I need more!!!" -- Jakki B in CA

" Everyone we've introduced them to loves them. You have a fabulous pretzel! Your pretzels are the BEST!" -- Smith Family in Wolf Point MT

"Took some Dot's Pretzels to Pittsburgh, Pa with me and they were a BIG hit with everyone." -- Maggie E in Pittsburgh PA

"Thank you so much for making the best pretzels that exist today!! We bought them from Char's Food Pride in Ellendale, ND. Needless to say, we bought more. Please keep making these wonderful pretzels. God bless you all. They are second to none." -- Sheral T in Ellendale ND

 "I was at Ace In Yankton SD the other day and they had your Pretzels set out for a sample. I tried yours and fell in Love. I then went and got back in line to purchase a bag. These are the best I have ever Had. Thanks For sharing." -- Linda in Yankton SD

"Wow! These are amazing! Our friend brought these back from their visit and we were hooked after the first pretzel. She did warn us that they are addicting. She sure was right about that!" -- Stacie H in AK

" I just wanted to tell you that you make the best pretzels I've ever eaten! There is nothing like them out there. No wonder people are buying them 6 bags at a time (a clerk at the store where I buy them told me this), they are the absolute best!" -- Annie in Fargo ND

"Dot's Pretzels are delicious, unique, and so addicting! Finished a 1 lb bag by myself in a weekend, and ordered a bunch for all of my family and friends! Love these!" -- Stacy K in IL

"I've kicked a few habits in my life but I can't conquer my Dot's Pretzels addiction. Saw you at Pride of Dakota in GF, and I'm off the wagon again. My PA (pretzels anonymous) counselor will be very disappointed. Can't pass the Pretzel Breathalyzer and my blood pretzel level is off the chart. I need help ... but you can take your time. They are fantastic." -- Tim W in Grand Forks ND

"I have never been a big fan of pretzels. I have tried the big ones at Oktoberfest in Munich,Germany, delis on the east coast, west coast and many places in between, but have never been impressed, except for your product. I will be sending these out for Christmas this year. Thank you for a wonderful ND product." -- Bruce A in Valley City ND

"Received a bag from family in North Dakota OMG best pretzel ever" -- Robin P in Danville IL

"My son came to visit me in Las Vegas and brought a bag of Dot's Pretzels…the best pretzel I've ever had! I want more!!!!" -- Judy R in Las Vegas NV

 "I was on a road trip to Minneapolis with some friends in September, and stumbled across your pretzels while stocking up on snacks for the drive. They are quite possibly the greatest snack food I have ever had the pleasure of eating." -- Jack J in Manitoba CA


"I brought a few bags  with me to Bend a few months ago and my kids fell in love with them, like I did.  They are the best darn pretzels I have ever eaten and I'm 71 years old.  I can't wait until my order arrives.  Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas." -- Sylvia R in Bend OR

"Driving through Medora,ND picked up a bag of pretzels (I did not like pretzels) -well I love these - best pretzels." -- Catherine M in Calgary Alberta

"Love your pretzels... Best I have ever had." -- Lori N in Yankton SD

"Love, love these pretzels! The taste is amazing! You just want to keep eating them!!!" -- Kathy D in Las Vegas NV

 "Went to Mandan, ND to visit Family. Tried Dot's. They are the BEST PRETZELS EVER!!! And I mean ever!!" --  Cheryl T in Belvidere, IL

"My husband works in North Dakota he brought home a bag of your pretzel ... They are so good these are the only pretzel our family eats .. I'm so glad you have a web site .." -- Karen T in Grand Junction CO

"Had your pretzels at a relatives wedding in Bismarck in October. We fell in love, and sent them to relatives and friends for Christmas. Everyone RAVES about them!!! Like so many others, I'm not really a "pretzel lover" but these are delicious and sooo addictive!!! Thanks, Dot!!!" -- Terri M in Middletown OH

"Was shopping for last minute christmas gifts in Caledonia MN. Local store was giving samples. Needless to say they were excellent and I bought a bag. Went to Wahpeton ND for Christmas with my family and began talking about these amazing pretzels that are made in ND!! Of course they already had heard of your product, and even had a couple bags on hand! Before we left we bought two more two pound bags for home. These pretzels are fabulous! Keep them coming." -- Stacey Y in Caledonia MN

"oh my god what great pretzels they taste good can't have just one I love them keep up the work don't stop making them thank you" -- Keith S in Martin SD

"I Love, love, love your Pretzels and I need them. I have already told all of my Facebook Friends about these luscious Pretzels." -- Darlene H in Longview TX

"OMgoodness. These are heaven in a pretzel! I tried them today and decided that I need to send my sister a ND care package with these included. YUMMM." -- Jennifer D in Bismarck ND

"Good friends from Center, ND introduced me to your pretzels. I now have two "costly" addictions, your pretzels and pistachios!!! These same friends winter in AZ and fly down.. Since they are limited in room in their suitcases they now make me carry an oversized suitcase when I fly down to resupply their pretzel stocks.. Shame on you for causing such addictions!!! (OK, LOL)" -- Lance B in Fargo ND

"My daughter has a job that takes her to Williston a couple of times a month. She brought us a couple of bags of your pretzels at Christmas. She told us they were delicious. But she didn't tell us we would immediately become addicted to the wonderful flavor! Best pretzels I have ever tasted. Absolutely divine!" -- Beth B in Arlington TX

"We buy 4-6 bags a week! We're hooked, NEVER stop selling them!!" -- Josie P in Mountain View AR

" Best pretzels I've ever eaten. My mother picked up a bag while on a 6 week road trip across the USA. Best discovery she made! I've had to ration my portions until I can order more." -- Richard S in Florissant MO

"Fabulous indeed! My son mailed several bags out from ND for Christmas and here I am looking to purchase some. Everyone I shared these with, remarked on their flavor." -- Sheryl H in Los Molinos CA

" Wow, I'm not a Pretzel eater..nor is my family. BUT OMG! ! WE ARE IN LOVE WITH DOTS! ! . Had to go to Stanley ND for work at a small gas station i- not sure of the town locals were coming in to buy some before traveling. There was only 1 bag left out of 10 when I first arrived. So I grabbed it, I surely wasn't expecting the goodness coming out of my 1lb bag. We kept eating ...till we wanted more. ORDERING a few bags to send to college with kids and a QuickTime snack. STILL not a Pretzel eater but a DOTS Pretzel FAN!" -- Roxann K in San Antonio TX

"My stepdad who lives in Garfield, MN told me about these and said they were the best pretzels he'd ever had. My first order was for 2 bags. Needless to say they went like wildfire!!! That is why this order is for 8 bags!!! These are wonderful!!!" -- Tamara J in Cheyenne WY

"I had recently tried to reach you by phone to tell you how much my husband LOVED your pretzels!! I bought him a bag at Christmas time and he was just thinking, "Oh, pretzels..okay, I'll have a few"! Wow! Was he surprised! I think I need to call you again to tell you just how amazed he is at the flavor! Thanks again!" -- Jeannie & Ron K in Lowry MN

"My shop manager in Dickinson offered me some of these when I was over from Billings last fall, and I swear it has turned me into the "pretzel pusher" for the inland empire! Everyone that tries them is immediately hooked. I joke that, "The first one is free. I don't worry - you'll be back, begging for more!" New customer for you this morning - our UPS driver. Don't change a thing - this keeps up, I think you are going to need a bigger factory!" -- Marcia C in Billings MT

"Great pretzels, scrumptious flavor, salivating taste. I'm hooked on Dot's Pretzels, we get them in Pierz Minnesota. YUM...YUM...YUM" -- Sharran L in Pierz MN

"A friend of mine gave me a sample of your pretzels. I ordered some for the family. We are fans for life. By far the best we have ever had." --  Todd E in Rosedale MD


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